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Ravens' Anquan Boldin mulls oxygen therapy for head trauma

Anquan Boldin is mulling whether to use a hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help ward off the possible long-term effects of brain trauma, the Baltimore Ravens' receiver told CNN International via

Boldin, who had a well-publicized concussion in 2008 while playing for the Arizona Cardinals, said he has been speaking with a doctor who has been doing studies on how the brain repairs itself with the therapy.

"I'm doing research myself to try to find ways to rectify having brain damage," Boldin said.

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy a person breathes pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, typically a hyperbaric chamber. The therapy is often used to treat decompression sickness in scuba divers or serious infections through extra oxygen in the body's blood, which helps healing.

The wideout said the suicide of Junior Seau was a troubling event for NFL players. Although it's not know if past brain trauma played a role in Seau's suicide, the legendary linebacker's death stoked a public debate about head injuries and football.

"It really makes you think, 'What effects does this game have on your body long term?' I think every NFL player has that question in the back of his mind," Boldin said.

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