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RapSheet and Friends podcast debuts with Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick has accomplished just about everything on the gridiron. This week he added another trophy to his case.

"Where would you say, achievement-wise, being the first guest on my podcast ranks?" an inquiring Ian Rapoport asked. "Would you say first, or like second or third?"

Belichick didn't hesitate: "Yeah, it'd be right up there in the top three, for sure."

The NFL Network Insider is officially launching his RapSheet and Friends podcast this week. Episode 1 features a candid conversation with the Patriots patriarch. A new show will drop every Wednesday, beginning this week. You can subscribe here.

Here is a brief transcript from their conversation:

Rapoport: I know tape-wise, it's grueling, everybody I talk to seemed to be grinding tape, as you kind of get through this, is there a part of the process you like or enjoy or is it just terrible because you got to let a lot of guys go that you like?

Belichick: "I would say the latter. For me, it's the most difficult day of the year, just because of the conversations you have to have with players, some who have been with you for a period of time, but most all of them are guys that love football that have had very successful careers, whether it be here or in college or some other NFL team, but they're here for a reason because they're one of the best in their field. To have to tell them they aren't going to be part of the team when they've given you everything they got and tried as hard as they could over the period of time that you've had them for. That's always a tough thing.

"We all know that's what we signed up for, when we came into the National Football League. It's a very competitive environment, and I've been released myself, as have most other coaches and players. It's a part of the game that unfortunately comes with some of the great parts. But it's a tough day."

Check the tweet below to hear the snippet.

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