Rank's 11 Week 16 Sleepers: Baker Time?

I've been getting a lot of tweets like this.

It is indeed a great time to be alive. And, I don't think this is the craziest play of the weekend. I mean, I'm obviously a huge Baker Mayfield mark, so you know I'm going to be down with this. And, in my league with all of my chums from the RIIP Brewery in Huntington Beach, California, I'm forced to roll with Mayfield. I have been rolling Baker for a few weeks now because Cam hasn't been close to healthy and now it looks like he's going to be shut down for the rest of the season. Which... should have happened weeks ago. It's not out-right tanking or anything like that, but it makes sense to play it smart with your franchise players.

But, let's talk about Baker, though. He leads all rookie quarterbacks in completion percentage (63.3), passing yards per game (260.4), yards-per-attempt (7.5), TD:INT (21:11) and passer rating (92.2). He hasn't always translated it into fantasy points. But he's playing well and has a great matchup against the Bengals. What more can you want?

Brees, on the other hand, has been kind of flat. He's probably going to throw for 500 yards against the Steelers out of sheer principle for knocking people out of the playoffs... but you do you, Hoff.

Let's hit the rest of the Sleepers:

Kalen Ballage, RB, Miami Dolphins

If you only saw Ballage highlights from his time at Arizona State, you would think he was the greatest player in college football history. Or even if you just caught his act in the Senior Bowl. But if you are a fan of the Sun Devils (or just Pac 12 After Dark), you know that this is what we've come to expect from Ballage. Some maddening bouts of ineffectiveness chased by an amazing run. It's like when you golf and you're thinking of quitting the game and then you pipe one down the middle of the fairway about 330 yards (which is at least good for me, you golf snobs). It's a risky play, but when the Jags are in "evaluation mode" that's when you cash in fantasy wise.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Prescott had his worst game with Amari Cooper last week. It's weird, the Cowboys trolls have kept their mouths shut this week. This is why you need to shoot your shot when the getting is good, kids. Prescott should rebound here against the Bucs who rank 28th in total defense and 30th in scoring defense. You're always going to run the risk of this turning into a game where Zeke runs for 180 and scores three touchdowns, too. So, chill out Cowboys fans. The point is, the matchup is great for Dak.

Jamaal Williams, RB, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers would like you all to know that he's playing this week. Because he's a competitor. That said, Aaron Jones (knee) is on IR and there is really nobody besides Williams to run the ball. But then again, it's the Packers running the ball, so you need to take it with a grain of salt. But, the Jets do rank 23rd against the run and the volume should be there.

Keith Ford, RB, Buffalo Bills

I really thought the Bills were going to put Matt Barkley in at quarterback and just have Josh Allen as the lead runner after all the dudes went down against the Lions. Now, if LeSean McCoy or Chris Ivory is active, this is going to nuke the value of Ford. But watch the practice reports out of Buffalo this week.

John Kelly, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I just want you armed with as much information as possible. If you've relied on Todd Gurley this year, make sure this guy is on your roster. And maybe more importantly, if you're going against Gurley this week, maybe play a little defense and pick Kelly up.

Robert Foster, WR, Buffalo Bills

We're in a dangerous world where there are two Bills sleepers on this list. Hell, Allen himself could be considered a sleeper. Foster had the winner, a 42-yard bomb last week against the Lions. He's developing chemistry with the young quarterback.

Robby Anderson, WR, New York Jets

Anderson seems like a safer play to me, as he also is developing with his young signal caller. Anderson received 11 targets. Sam Darnold often looks to him at the first sign of trouble, and that's not terrible to our fantasy purposes. I'm putting him out there in the 'ship this week. Wish me luck.

Evan Engram, TE, New York Giants

Tight end is such a dumpster fire of a position. I understand some of you (all right even me) are upset at kickers. But tight ends are worse. Engram led the Giants with 12 targets last week. If this is the way Eli Manning is going to play it with OBJ out, who am I to argue? The Colts are middle-of-the-road against tight ends. But I'll just play that volume game.

Blake Jarwin, TE, Cowboys

Jarwin has become a go-to guy for Prescott over the last couple of weeks. He has 11 receptions for 101 yards over the last two weeks. He seems like the kind of guy who would have been a Danger Zone favorite in years past. Shout out James Koh.

Cowboys DST

They came up really small last week. Which, was a huge disappointment. Although, the mocking was legit.

You go, Dabs. I see no lies. But, the Cowboys have scored at least eight points in two of the last four games. A home game against Jameis Winston puts the floor relatively high.

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