Rank's 11 Week 13 sleepers: Hire Hunter Henry

I'm sure I was not alone in thinking at the time of my draft that headed into Week 13 I was going to be looking for huge contributions from Blaine Gabbert and Ricky Seals-Jones. I can't be the only one, right? Because I remember telling everyone that this was going to be the money-play combination headed down the playoff stretch.

All right, I have to confess something to all of you. I never said that. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to look cool and revel in what would have been an amazing call. But I didn't. However, while I'm less apt to play Gabbert or trust him too much, I kind of like Seals-Jones. He was a bit of a disappointment at Texas A&M. He was always one of those dudes who looked like he should be good. But damn, he's been excellent the last two weeks for the Birds. I would certainly love to give him a chance in some of my deeper leagues. I mean, I'm not sitting Gronk for him or something like that. But if you're starting Tyler Kroft this week, you might want to consider giving Seal (the name I'm going by from now on) a chance. Because you're never going to survive unless you get a little crazy.

Sorry, let's just get started.

Give me a quarterback stream: Case Keenum

I know the Vikings have been itching to put Teddy Bridgewater in to see what he could do and Keenum has raised his game. And it makes things pretty dicey because you know once Keenum gets comfortable and all of us are starting him with no concerns he's going to become, well, Case Keenum. Although, that's not quite fair to say. He's been very good. He's making the most of the talent around him. I love the matchup this week, too. So, I'm very comfortable with Keenum this week. Well, as comfortable as downing a bunch of Arby's during the middle of the road trip with a rest stop not in sight for the next 282 miles.

What about Geno Smith?

I don't know, man. I really feel like Eli deserved a better fate. I wrote about it more extensively here: (CHEAP PLUG). I feel bad for him. And yes, I do believe two Super Bowl wins buys you a "forever" when it comes to such things. But I guess they want to get a look at Geno. And there were times he was kind of nice for the Jets. But it's a big stretch for me to think Geno is going to come out and start dealing. And if he does, don't come back and get all high-and-mighty with me. Because you are scared about starting him. So, don't front if he starts crushing it.

How about another quarterback to think about: Mitch Trubisky

Yes, I know I'm an obnoxious Bears fan. And yes, I witnessed that game last week against the Eagles. But the Eagles are one of the best teams in football. And while the Bears have done well against some of the perceived elite of the NFL, they weren't going to beat the Eagles. What I do like about the Bears this week is No. 1 If John (Fire)Fox wants to keep his gig, he's going to need to pin his hopes to Trubisky showing some growth. And you don't get that handing off the ball a lot. The 49ers have allowed close to 20 points per game to quarterbacks this season. And 30 offensive touchdowns. Love the Bears offense this week.

Give me a running back. A running back who is ... REX BURHEAD

He's scored three touchdowns in his last three games. He's leading the backfield in snaps. The Bills have allowed the most scrimmage touchdowns to running backs this year (14) and the third-most fantasy points to the positon.

I was going to say who is not Rex Burkhead. So go: Kenyan Drake

He's averaged close to 10 points per game since Jay Ajayi left. He's lead running backs in snaps since Week 9 and a shoulder injury to Damien Williams could give Drake a bigger role this week against the Broncos. The Broncos have allowed the second-most fantasy points to running backs over the last month (21.55).

All right, dude. You know me, your fake, imaginative muse. Go for a super-deep running back: Tarvaris Cadet

I know. This is super-deep. But he's started to get more involved in the Bills offense recently. He plays a lot in passing downs. I mean, that's when you use him. So there is a chance the Patriots get an early lead on the Bills and they have to throw the ball a lot more. That script would favor Cadet.

All right. That was bold. How about a wide receiver: Randall Cobb

His yards per game have increased over the last four games as Brett Hundley has improved. Or at least the Packers have become desperate enough to throw the ball some more. I love the matchup against the Bucs who have allowed the most receiving yards per game (207.7) this year. Tampa Bay has also allowed 28.65 PPG to fantasy receivers, the most on the season.

One more receiver, please: Jermaine Kearse

Robby Anderson has crushed it, no doubt. But don't sleep on Kearse in this situation, either. I love the matchup against the Chiefs this week. The Chiefs. A team so desperate for help at defensive back, they picked up Darrelle Revis. The cornerback equivalent to the warm beer you've kept in your backpack for about a month, but you really don't feel like running to the store so you say, "what the hell." And I swear to goodness, if one of you guys says "revenge game" for Revis I'm going to literally, not figuratively, flip my desk. All right, not literally because my wrists still hurt from a skateboarding accident.

How about a good tight end? Hunter Henry

The Chargers needed to start winning a few weeks ago. They were tired of trying to make Melvin Gordon a thing, so they said, Philip, please save this season for us. So they started throwing the ball a lot more. Henry hasn't quite torn it up over the past couple of weeks. But the Chargers are still scoring in bunches. He second on the team with nine red zone targets, so the opportunities should start to present themselves. I like this one a lot.

You know me, I need a deep, deep sleeper tight end: Adam Shaheen

Again, the Bears are in evaluation mode. Which means they are going to want to see what they have in Shaheen. Or at least get him ready for the next coach who will hopefully know what to do with him. I don't want to say the Bears have misused their limited offensive weapons. But watching the Bears play calling is like watching my dog toy with my iPad. She knows that it's something that is supposed to be fun, she just can't figure out what to do with it.

Forgive me for asking. How about a kicker? Ryan Succop

I know, but kickers have crushed it against the Texans.

Let's get defensive. Oakland Raiders D/ST

I should know better. But they did have seven points last week against the Broncos. I would expect about the same this week. I mean, they finally did get a interception. It's an interesting play. I might start looking at teams to stream against the Giants in the playoffs. Well, maybe after the Raiders and Cowboys. Although they are up against the Eagles and Cardinals, so you might be out of luck. So that dream might be dead.

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