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Rank's 11 Sleepers: Living on the edge with Eli

I was ready to come here to make a mea culpa about Mark Sanchez. But if you benched Peyton Manning and started Sanchez this week, well, you would probably be very happy with me right now. And since that describes none of you (I will need proof if you want to try to claim that), I should just move on. Because I was kind of shocked at how poorly the Eagles' offense looked. It was historically bad. No Chip Kelly-led team has produced such few points.

So if you're still talking to me right now, then we can look at some sleepers. I'm going to cut the list kind of short. Well not really, but I might give these guys different categories. I mean, I can't imagine many of you are playing sleepers during the second week for the playoffs. So we'll check out some daily fantasy bargains, some sleepers for next year and some other goodness.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
I know some nerds will point out Eli's history against Washington was pretty lousy before this season. But I really don't give a (expletive). Especially since Eli torched this team for four touchdowns earlier this year. When you consider this is a rivalry game against a team that has become the East Coast version of the Raiders, this is a great chance for Eli.

Chris Ivory, RB, New York Jets
Shoot, all you needed to see was the uninspiring Dre Williams running all over this squad. So I would be very comfortable with Ivory this week. Especially if Rex Ryan wants to get all passive aggressive and run the ball 60 times this week. Which, if you have to start Ivory in your leagues, really isn't a bad idea. So yeah, if you could, please. We would appreciate it.

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers
I know, this is a classic "chase the points" type of play from the running back position. Which is something I would typically advise against. But how many sleepers out there are going to have the work rate of Stewart? He carried the ball a lot against the Saints, and I expect another pretty good dose of touches against the Bucs this week. It's not an ideal matchup, but not something you need to steer clear of.

Marqise Lee, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
You want to talk about letdown games, the Ravens are certainly due. We see it all too often in sports. A team loses one of its top players and then that undermanned squad plays out of its head, at least for one game. But then reality sets in. The Ravens are without their top interior lineman. And also a banged up secondary. I get if you don't want to go all-in on Blake Bortles because he's a rookie quarterback on the road. But you can cash in on his most targeted and talented receiver in Lee.

Daily League Starters (in addition to the guys we've mentioned already)

Josh McCown, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Oh, I'm sorry. Are we supposed to believe the Panthers are back now!? That they have figured out the magic formula to make them a winner? Or will they go back to being the Panthers doing Panthers things because they are the Panthers? This screams of a letdown game for me from Carolina. So I kind of like McCown who wasn't terrible against the Lions last week. Or Mike Glennon if he starts. Just basically, the Tampa Bay quarterback. Let's just say that.

LeGarrette Blount, RB, New England Patriots
He was able to run pretty well against the Chargers on Sunday night. And you can get after the Dolphins in the ground. I expect him to get his chances again this week. A goal-line look would just be the cherry on top.

Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland Browns
I expect the Browns to run the ball a ton, no matter who the quarterback is. You watch the film, and he accelerates through the hole when he needs to. And he's also pretty good at gliding along and reading his blocks, too. Crowell and Blount are great values and if you have these two, you can end up with Le'Veon Bell as one of your starters in a daily league.

Kamar Aiken, WR, Baltimore Ravens
In addition to making the "That Helps No One" reel last week, Aiken could be thrust into a bigger role if Torrey Smith is unable to give it a go this week. The matchup against my boys from Duval County is pretty good. Plus I just expect him to get a lot of targets. He's one of the cheapest values in daily leagues, too.

New Orleans Saints D/ST
If you need a value-based pick on one of the daily league sites, you can grab the Saints for a bargain. And Jay Cutler always gives you the chance for turnovers.

A guy to stash for next year
Hey, if you are in a keeper league and you are in the market for a guy, I kind of like Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons. So if you are still in the midst of your season and are allowed to roster players, you should add Freeman. I would be shocked if he's not the guy for the Falcons next year. In addition to Freeman, take a look at Robert Turbin who could be the man in Seattle. Donte Moncrief and Carlos Hyde are also a couple of candidates, too.

Give me a guy nobody has heard of yet

C.J. Fiedorwicz, TE, Houston Texans
I have to believe the Texans will develop a tight end in the near future. Well, other than J.J. Watt. So I see Fiedorwicz, who could end up as a poor man's version of Rob Gronkowski. Though I have instantly regretted typing that. (Not enough for me to go back and change it.) But I fear every tight end in Houston under Bill O'Brien will end up with the label of a poor man's version of Gronk. So I do feel sorry for those tight ends.

Got a baseball sleeper for next year?
Jurickson Profar. He could end up as a star if the Rangers deal him to the San Diego Padres. I'm not sure the Rangers do that deal just yet. But he's one of keep an eye on.

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to NFL Fantasy Live, Michael Fabiano or me on Twitter. But realize, NFL Fantasy Live has 270K followers, and Fabiano has 165K. Me? Just four. See, the odds are better I will answer your question, so hit me up both via Twitter or via Facebook. And if you follow him on Sundays, he'll quote "The Wolf" from "Pulp Fiction" and then it's game on! Although, it's tough to catch me on Facebook. Twitter is your go-to." Plus seriously people, I'm not taking your tweets after Midnight. I'm into the #HashtagWars via @Midnight.

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