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Rank's 11 Sleepers: Get the best out of Blake Bortles

I know a lot of people don't like to draft quarterbacks early. I'm not sure you even need to draft a quarterback at all anymore. Tyrod Taylor, Derek Carr and Blake Bortles have been three of the best quarterbacks in fantasy, all of them were likely available on your waiver wire after the draft. I might even throw Andy Dalton into that conversation as well, but I want to give those of you who did draft him the benefit of the doubt.

Because there is nothing I hate more than when people start to talk about "waiver wire players of the year" when they talk about guys a lot of us drafted. It happened last year with C.J. Anderson and Jeremy Hill. Two guys a lot of us nabbed in the draft, only to have some of the less informed try to tell us that they were waiver wire additions.

And now I realize some of you drafted Taylor, Carr and Bortles. Well, at least Taylor. Maybe Carr. But none of you drafted Bortles.

But we are getting way off the point here. The point is that you can stop asking questions about those three quarterbacks. All of them have passed all of the significant tests and ready to deploy as starters each and every week.

Taylor has been amazing each week. I have him on a team with Drew Brees. I actually start Taylor when Brees is on the road. The only problem is he has the Eagles, Washington and the Cowboys at the end of the season in the fantasy playoffs which could provide some tougher matchups.

Carr has torched some tough matchups in back-to-back weeks. The Jets were likely your biggest surprise, but he smoked them. Even on the road against the Steelers he was pretty impressive, too. The one thing that really stands out about Carr … he has the Chargers at home in the fantasy footballSuper Bowl (Week 16).

Bortles still turns the ball over way too much. But his fantasy playoff schedule includes the Colts, Falcons and Saints. THE SAINTS!!! Even if you use Bortles as a spot-start guy, don't let him go. Or if your quarterback has a tough playoff matchup, nab Bortles now if he's available.

But don't worry. We have some other sleepers for you this week, too.

The Jags have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this year. And the team has allowed seven touchdown passes in three games.

If you missed him off the waiver wire, I apologize to you. But Starks is a sneaky DFS play this week. The Lions have allowed the fourth-most fantasy points to running backs this year. Starks has scored three touchdowns in his last three games.

The Dolphins have allowed the third-most fantasy points to running backs this year. In fact, they have allowed four receiving touchdowns to running backs this year, which is the most of any team. Look. A lot of us are in huge trouble with running backs right now. This is what it's come to.

I guess this is a great matchup for St. Louis. I will say I expect the Bears to be so far in front in this game, St. Louis has no choice but to sling it. All right, all right. For real, the Bears have allowed the eighth-most fantasy points to receivers this year. Austin finds ways to get involved in games. He's better at home, so you have to like this one.

The Saints have allowed the fifth-most fantasy points to receivers this year. But only because they allowed a ton of points to the tight ends last week. Garcon has a touchdown in two of his last three home games.

All right, start all of your professional football players in our nation's capital. So let's make that happen. He has three touchdowns in his last two games.

He plays the Raiders. That is all.


I should have known better than to try to make Cousins happen on the road last week. That's my bad. But he's got the Saints at home this week, fresh off a four-touchdown performance against Marcus Mariota. So there you go.

I know you should never assume you know what Bill Belichick is going to do. But I'm somewhat confident White will be the guy. Unless, of course, they sign somebody like Jonas Gray or something. This is something we might be able to quickly pivot on. So for right now, I'm going with White. But I will feel free to update this in the near future.

What is going on in Dallas?

Here's my feeling on the Christine Michael situation. I have to believe the Cowboys are keenly aware of Darren McFadden's injury history. So they've just basically said, "What the (expletive)" and are going to run with McFadden and give him like 90 touches a game until he either becomes the breakout player we all thought he was going to be, or he's going to get injured and the Michael era starts in earnest.

This is the kind of stuff I talk myself into when I keep Michael on my roster much longer than he deserves to be.

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