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Randall Gay retired from NFL because of concussions

As the NFL continues to mine for information about the health risks associated with concussions, Randall Gay has learned enough.

The former cornerback for the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints retired in 2011 while fighting his own battle with post-concussion syndrome.

"I can't play anymore. I wish I could, but I'm still having symptoms from concussions," Gay told the Boston Herald. "I wanted to try again, but I can't really do anything. Hard, physical activities, I get headaches and nauseous and dizzy and stuff. I'd still like a chance in the NFL, but it's not worth it."

During Gay's last season with the Saints in 2010, he was sidelined by a nasty head injury that landed him on injured reserve. He can't recall how many concussions he suffered during his seven-year NFL career: "I don't know. A million," he told the Herald.

Gay played alongside Junior Seau in New England in 2007 and was shaken by the linebacker's recent death.

"That was real scary because I know what he's feeling," Gay said. "Some days, you just walk around, and you don't know what you're walking around for. I just catch myself walking around the house with no intention, like, 'What am I doing?' Just walking up and down."

Welcome to the other side of a sport regularly celebrated for its violence. The current information we have about concussions weaves a rough narrative. Gay wouldn't guess what pushed Seau to the edge but admitted to struggling with his own personal demons since leaving the game. Whether that fight is concussion-related or not, Gay isn't taking any more chances.

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