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Rams' Tavon Austin: Mother will be financial 'bad man'

Tavon Austin's comments after being drafted about having "a lot of cousins now" looking for money had to perk the ears of wary St. Louis Rams coaches and front office personnel.

Those worried about Austin getting pulled down by off-the-field issues can exhale.

In an interview with NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano that aired on Friday's "NFL Total Access," the wide receiver said he learned a lot at the NFL's Rookie Symposium, including how to deal with people asking for dinero.

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"One thing I learned was just make somebody else the bad man and that is what definitely I'm going to do as far as the money situation," he said. "So that definitely will be my mother, she is definitely up for the challenge and she is ready to pretty much tell people 'no.'"

Letting someone else handle their money is a lesson players like New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartielearned only after losing most of it

While his mother will be the one handling his money, that doesn't mean Austin plans on hoarding his earnings.

"I definitely will help a lot of people too, you know, I'm not one of those type of people who forgets where I came from and just acts like I'm better than anybody else," he said. "But definitely there is a certain amount of times where it comes to a point where you have to say 'no' and she'll be that person that'll be dealing with it."

On-field dynamism? Check. Off-field concerns? No problemo.

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