Raiders' Kelly: Texans QB Schaub could have scored winner

The Houston Texans had a chance to score the winning touchdown on the last play of Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders, but quarterback Matt Schaub served up an interception in the end zone to seal his team's 25-20 loss.

Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly couldn't have been happier with the play's outcome. In fact, he said after the game that Schaub could have scored a touchdown had he made the right decision.

"Old boy choked," Kelly said with a laugh, according to the Houston Chronicle. "All he had to do was run it in. He choked, simple as that."


Schaub hadn't heard Kelly's comment when he talked to the media, but the quarterback offered his own assessment of the play.

"I had some guys on the front side working," Schaub said. "It was all tight. No one was getting any separation, so I stepped up in the pocket to the left, and their safety (Tyvon Branch) was coming down on me. I had to make a decision on Jacoby (Jones), to put it up where my guy could make a play. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out."

Schaub stood by his decision to throw the ball instead of trying to find the end zone by foot, though he said his mobility "wasn't an issue" after he took a hit to his knees earlier in the series.

"I'm not necessarily a guy that's going to make a whole lot of guys miss in the open field," Schaub said.

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