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Quick Take: As Russell thrives, T.O. languishes

Around the League editor Gregg Rosenthal has his takeaways from the game:

From Around the League:
» Lessons from Friday's preseason games

» Terrell Owens came into Friday night's game needing to make some noise. Braylon Edwards reportedly has outplayed Owens in practice, without all the histrionics when things don't go his way. T.O. probably didn't change anyone's mind with his performance.

On paper, it looks like a draw. Owens caught two passes for 41 yards in the Seattle Seahawks' 44-14 preseason romp against the Kansas City Chiefs, including a 40-yarder over his shoulder. Edwards caught a 32-yard pass.

Despite the numbers, we believe Owens took another step backward after last week's disastrous preseason outing. T.O. didn't fight for one ball thrown to him deep down the sideline. He dropped another pass on a play that was erased by an unrelated penalty.

» Russell Wilson's performance should lock up Seattle's starting job. He hit four plays for more than 20 yards, only threw six incomplete passes and rushed twice for 58 yards. He led the Seahawks to 37 points in two and a half quarters!

Aside from occasionally holding the ball too long, Wilson looks like a veteran ... an electric veteran. Matt Flynn didn't even play because of an elbow injury.

» Wilson's preseason stats through three games: 35-of-52 passing (67.3 percent) for 464 yards (8.9 yards per attempt), five touchdowns, one interception. He rushed 10 times for 150 yards and a score. Wow.

» The Chiefs' offense didn't look quite as bad as the score suggests overall, but Matt Cassel only had 8 yards passing on the team's first four drives. Seattle's defense has the potential to be a top-five unit.

» Seahawks running back Robert Turbin is going to be a powerful second option behind Marshawn Lynch. He runs with purpose and did not go down easily while gaining 93 yards on 14 carries.

» Dwayne Bowe returned to the field for the Chiefs and failed to come up with a few makeable catches.

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