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Quentin Jammer switches to safety for Denver Broncos

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That stage eluded the veteran cornerback in 11 seasons with the San Diego Chargers. That road to the Meadowlands in February comes with a wrinkle for Jammer, 33, who must learn a new position.

"I always considered myself a football player, not really put a label on myself as a corner or a safety," Jammer said Thursday, according to the Broncos' official website. "This is the game of football, and I feel like I can be plugged in anywhere on the defense and play -- other than the big hosses up front. Any of the skill positions in the back end I can be plugged in and play. I wanted to come in and help this football team as much as I can."

The move to safety is part of a natural evolution for the aging cornerback. Jammer has seen others succeed with the transition. He doesn't see why he can't do the same.

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"I think one of the guys who made that transition, who brought it along, was Rod Woodson," Jammer said. "Then Charles Woodson had great success with it. I think I'm that type of player, where I can come in.

"I can pretty much cover anybody on the field. I've been doing it for 11 years. Why stop now?"

The Broncos originally targeted Charles Woodson to fill their need at safety. They might have gotten lucky. Jammer is a younger, less expensive and more durable fit.

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