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QBs on the block? Palmer, Orton could be dealt at deadline

Two deals have already gone down as Tuesday's NFL trading deadline approaches -- the Jets shipped Derrick Mason to the Texans and the Seahawks sent Aaron Curry to the Raiders. Gil Brandt got in on the action with some suggested deals as well, so now we turn to you -- put on your GM caps and give us your best suggestion for a trade that makes sense.

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  • Jeff Darlington
  • Time for Bengals to punt on Palmer

If the most sensible NFL trade is going to occur before Tuesday, then Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer should wind up ... well, anywhere other than Cincinnati. Palmer has proved he's serious about not playing again for the Bengals, and while I respect Mike Brown's stance on not caving to players' desires, it's time he also recognize a savvy business move when it exists.

Like a solid stock that will soon lose value because of a saturated market, Palmer's value is only going to diminish as the next draft approaches. We're on the brink of a very solid group of rookie quarterbacks -- one with a greater perception among scouts than the 2010 crop. Brown should find the best suitor and unload Palmer now before he loses any more value.

While a team like the Dolphins would be better off waiting to see how the Andrew Luck sweepstakes plays out, a potential contender like Seattle might be the perfect landing spot for Palmer. And the Seahawks are more likely to pay more for Palmer now than they will be in a few months, when the next hot item is available for purchase.

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  • Steve Wyche
  • Broncos jettisoning Orton a no-brainer

If I'm Denver, I see if Miami wants to revisit the Kyle Orton trade. The Dolphins need help, and Orton will come much cheaper now than he would have in the preseason. His value has been diminished after he was benched, so Miami or any team in need of backup depth or a possible starter should make the move.

The Broncos also figure to be eager to move Orton. The locker room dynamic is going to be very odd and the longer he's around, the more fractured things could get. The Broncos should move Orton and coach John Fox then could bring in one of his favorite players, Jake Delhomme, to serve as the No. 3 quarterback. Delhomme actually could be pretty good for the locker room because he has a galvanizing personality, and his experience could help Tebow navigate the highs and lows he's about to encounter.

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  • Dave Dameshek
  • One more piece for the Lions

In spite of Jahvid Best's dandy game Monday night, the Lions could still benefit from a more rugged runner like Mike Tolbert. Thanks to the (slightly belated) emergence of Ryan Mathews, the Chargers can afford to part ways with Tolbert. In exchange, Detroit can send San Diego a very capable pass-catching tight end in Tony Scheffler, who'd help fill the massive void left by Antonio Gates. Perfect!

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  • Pat Kirwan
  • Eagles eyeing an old friend?

I bet the Eagles miss middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, who signed with Arizona in the offseason. Don't forget: the Eagles and Cardinals have done business before.

With Kansas City getting back Jonathan Baldwin from a wrist injury, could a wide receiver on their roster be available?

An injury in Week 6 also could cause teams to think about making a deal. But after talking with a few GMs on Thursday, it looks like a quiet year at the trading deadline.

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