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Q&A: Vince Young remains upbeat about NFL future

What's next for Vince Young?

It's an intriguing question. The enigmatic former Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is an unrestricted free agent who's looking for work in a market that's starting to dry up.

Young, 29, was a guest Wednesday at NFL Network studios, giving us a chance to find out where he stands during an uncertain time.

ATL: Did you learn anything from the "Dream Team" comment and subsequent fallout?

VY:Not really. Everything I say is going to get blown out of proportion anyway. One thing that my publicist (Denise White, seated to his left) knows and everybody knows about me, I'm not going to hold back anything, especially when it's something that's not really bad anyway.

ATL: You said everything you say gets blown out of proportion. Why do you think that is?

VY: I'm used to it since I was in high school, since I was in college, so I look at it as motivation to make them eat their words. I just feel like it's because I'm a winner and I've been put on the biggest stages from the national championship to the Sunday night game I had against the Giants, everyone expected me to lose those games. The whole week, "He's not going to do this, he's going to do that," and then I go out and have a good game and win the ballgame and a lot of people to me don't like that, because it makes them look bad.

ATL: Tell me your feelings about the imposter situation. What was the deal with that?

VY: I was shocked, because I'm very huge in the community, talking to kids for my foundation, going out to different Boys & Girls clubs. When I heard, I was very hurt about it because anything that tries to hurt my image, I don't like it. I built my image to where it is, and a lot of people love me for who I am.

ATL: If you have the choice, where would you like to play next season?

VY:I'm just letting my agent (Tom Condon) take care of that, but if I had a dream team to go play at, I'd love to go play at home. (Young -- a Houston native -- is referring to the Texans.) That was one of the biggest reasons I came out (in 2006), because they were the No. 1 pick that year, and that would be the chance to play at home and that would be beautiful. I've told my agent, and that's what he knows, and he's working. I know he's working.

(Yes, folks, that was another dream team reference. Let's just leave this one alone, shall we?)

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