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Prisco's top 100 ranks Brady No. 2; Romo at No. 78

NFL Network is unveiling its "Top 100: Players of 2012" in a dramatic, week-by-week lifting of the veil that already has people talking.

Our friend Pete Prisco of, not known for his subtlety, unleashed his list in one titanic bomb drop, with a few surprises.

We won't steal his fire (you can read Prisco's list here) but let's touch on a few interesting choices:

Tom Brady landed at No. 1 on NFL Network's "Top 100" list in 2011. Prisco has the New England Patriots quarterback at No. 2 in 2012. It's hard to argue this one. Slightly surprising to find Brady's tight end, Rob Gronkowski, at No. 10. He's as good as they come at the position, but should he be five spots above New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning at No. 15?

Peyton Manning did nothing last season and landed at No. 33. Tim Tebow guided the Denver Broncos to the playoffs but was nowhere to be found on this list (Prisco claimed he had him ranked No. 705).

Dallas Cowboys second-year offensive tackle Tyron Smith lands at No. 38. That was five spots higher than teammate Jason Witten at No. 43 and 40 spots higher than quarterback Tony Romo at No. 78.

Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner cashed in at No. 95. Our very own Gregg Rosenthal was surprised he made the list at all, and took it up with Prisco on Twitter:

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