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Potty-mouth ref gives Dolphins-Colts crowd an earful

If you've ever seen the original "Naked Gun" with Leslie Nielsen, you know the dangers of a hot mic.

Referee Tony Corrente provided another reminder Sunday, in the fourth quarter of the Indianapolis Colts' 23-20 win over the Miami Dolphins.

It all went down after Corrente's team flagged the Colts' defense for 12 men on the field. During a conference with his officials -- and with his microphone on -- Corrente shouted "What in the (expletive) are you guys doing?" according to The Associated Press.

The sold-out Lucas Oil Stadium crowd heard Corrente. CBS managed to keep the swear word out of living rooms.

Seconds later, Corrente explained the spot of the ball was correct by shouting, "That was .... god d--- it."

CBS didn't catch that one, subjecting the children of America to a phrase used 12 times by their fathers during the game's first three quarters.

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