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Porter says Dolphins can blame struggles on Ireland

On Monday, a clearly disgruntled Miami Dolphins fan decided the best way to vent his frustration with the franchise was to hack the Wikipedia page of general manager Jeff Ireland.

The result of this prank was a biography filled with a lot of (incredibly funny) nonsense, but the greater point was not lost. People are down on Jeff Ireland. Real down.

This isn't exactly news. Ireland isn't a popular figure in South Florida, not with fans and certainly not with some ex-Dolphins who have been vocal in the media.

Take free-agent linebacker Joey Porter, who didn't pull any punches Monday in explaining to NFL Network why he believed Miami is having trouble attracting free agents this offseason.

"I think Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it," said Porter, who spent three seasons with the Dolphins from 2007-09. "I don't think when you come in being recruited by him you really believe things coming out of his mouth. I think he's a guy that's not trustworthy. He really doesn't hold up to what a GM's supposed to be."

Porter and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp went on to discuss Ireland's Waterloo -- the GM's fateful decision during a 2010 pre-draft interview to ask Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. Ireland later apologized, but he's yet to shake the stink of that woeful lack of tact.

Porter's opinion evokes memories of Channing Crowder, another former Dolphins linebacker who told during Super Bowl week that Ireland is "disrespectful" and "not a good person."

It's worth mentioning that Ireland cut both players, the type of business transaction that doesn't typically engender feelings of warmth and gratitude. Can anyone confirm if Porter or Crowder know their way around Wikipedia editing tools?

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