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Porter denies bounties: 'We were just playing football'

In a monster week of NFL news, there's still plenty to digest.

Case in point: Former New Orleans cornerback Tracy Porter, now with the Broncos, said Friday he's turned the page on the Saints' "bounty" fiasco.

It wasn't hard for Porter. Why? Because he completely denies its existence.

"It's something the league felt they had evidence on, but, I mean, the thing that I will say about it is, I mean the whole label of bounty is absurd," Porter told The Denver Post on Friday. "There was definitely no bounty on any player out there in any game. We were just playing football."

A mind-boggling take on the matter.

Saints coach Sean Paytonhas been suspended for the 2012 season. General manager Mickey Loomis is out for eight games. Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is en route to Siberia. Player penalties are forthcoming.

The team has owned up to their wrongdoing and apologized.

Porter, a voice from the wilderness, tells us the entire affair is a phantom.

Peter King reported it was not uncommon for Williams to stand at the front of the room during defensive team meetings, passing out cash-filled white envelopes to Saints defenders. How did Porter miss this? How does he interpret what he saw?

"For that term to become bounty is definitely, I think, is harsh, but the league investigated it and they felt they made the right decision," Porter said. "Who am I to come in and say that they didn't make the right decision."

In this case, it probably would have been better if Porter hadn't said anything at all.

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