Polling 2018 draft prospects: Which NFL coach do you prefer?

We polled 20 prospects from the 2018 NFL Draft class last month at the Reese's Senior Bowl on various football-related questions that, collectively, provide some insight into how the NFL's incoming talent views the game's teams, coaches and players. This week, we'll publish the poll results. Today's poll question:

Which NFL coach would you most like to play for?

Perhaps it's his five Super Bowl rings as a head coach, or the unreal consistency with which the New England Patriots win year after year. Or maybe it's his -- ahem -- always-entertaining rapport with the media. Whatever the case, Bill Belichick was the choice of the prospects polled. While he hasn't coached an NFL game in 10 years -- before Senior Bowl players were even in high school -- Jon Gruden finished tied for second, along with Sean Payton and Mike Tomlin. Being a popular TV personality, clearly, has its advantages.

Full poll results (votes):

Bill Belichick, Patriots (4)

Jon Gruden, Raiders (3)

Sean Payton, Saints (3)

Mike Tomlin, Steelers (3)

Pete Carroll, Seahawks (2)

Dan Quinn, Falcons (2)

Jason Garrett, Cowboys (1)

Bill O'Brien, Texans (1)

Sean McVay, Rams (1)

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