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Poll: NFC East is the country's favorite division

Though it's obviously a matter of opinion, I don't think competition in the NFL gets much better than the NFC East, where the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles have been attempting to destroy each other for decades.

There's never a shortage of plotlines and intrigue with those four teams, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise the NFC East is the league's most popular division, according to the latest offering from ESPN Sports Polls.

In an earlier survey on favorite teams, the Cowboys (1), Giants (3) and Eagles (9) all occupied space in the top 10. The Redskins brought up the division rear at No. 13, though trading out John Beck for franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III could change things in a hurry.

The NFC East had 22.2 percent the vote, putting the division comfortably ahead both the runner-up NFC North (15.9) and the AFC East (11.6).

The league's least popular division, according to the poll? The poor AFC South, which houses three teams still relatively new to their cities (Jaguars, Titans, Texans) and the Indianapolis Colts, who dropped a 2-14 on the fan base in 2011.

According to ESPN, Pollsters conduct 1,500 monthly telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of Americans age 12 and older. They have reached 390,000 Americans since 1994 via land lines and cell phones, in English and Spanish.

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