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Poll finds Packers' Rodgers more popular than Santa Claus

Nice try, Mother Theresa -- and we appreciate your service and all -- but you're no Aaron Rodgers.

Not in the state of Wisconsin, at least, where the Packers' Super Bowl-winning quarterback rates as the most popular figure behind only Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.

Rodgers tallied an 89 percent favorable rating with respondents.

Nationwide, Lincoln knocked home a 91 and Jesus rated a 90 in the survey conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Meanwhile, only 1 percent of Americans see themselves unfavorably.

Other humans less popular than a guy who throws footballs for a living:

» George Washington: 86 percent favorable rating
» Mother Teresa of Calcutta: 83
» Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 74
» Mahatma Gandhi: 64
» Santa Claus: 67
» Nelson Mandela: 64
» Steve Jobs: 62

(Insert appropriate comment about society spinning out of control.)

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