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Poll: Dolphins fans now crazy for GM Ireland

This is what drafting a quarterback can do for you.

A recent poll in The Palm Beach Post hints at a striking turnaround in the public perception of Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland. Suddenly he's Mr. Popular.

As we go to press with this item, more than 68 percent of readers believe Ireland's "vision has the team headed in the right direction."

Eighteen percent of readers believe "he's made some good moves, but the future is no brighter." Less than eight percent think "he's pathetic and needs to go now."

A month ago, Ireland had to be considered among the most beleaguered executives in professional sports. He held the inglorious distinction of having a plane flown above Sun Life Stadium before the season finale pulling a banner that called for his head.

There were weekday protests outside the team facility. Voices of outrage on talk radio. And ill words from former Dolphins players questioning his grasp on the duties of a GM. 

Dark days, indeed, until Ireland picked quarterback Ryan Tannehill. After missing out on everyone from Peyton Manning to Matt Flynn in free agency, Miami snagged Tannehill at No. 8.

Nobody knows if this latest gambit will work, but Ireland has loosened the leash a pinch.

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