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Poll: Conservative Broncos fans prefer Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos fans loved Tim Tebow, but they aren't blind. Most of them know that Peyton Manning is a big upgrade at quarterback.

According to a Public Policy poll taken in Colorado, 53 percent of voters in the state prefer Manning to Tebow, who only got 26 percent to support him. But the numbers flipped when the question was asked of the most conservative voters.

Fifty-three percent of the respondents who called themselves "very conservative" and admired Tebow's religious views would have preferred that Tebow stay at quarterback, while just 28 percent of those Coloradans are happy Manning is aboard.

You could actually make a football-based argument for Tebow. It would begin and end with Manning's health risk in the wake of multiple neck surgeries. We suspect Tebow's diehard supporters simply had faith.

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