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Polian says Manning still could play for Colts this season

And now for your requisite Peyton Manning update.

This week's edition comes courtesy of Colts vice chairman Bill Polian, who was a guest on Sports Illustrated writer Peter King's podcast Tuesday that, as of now, isn't available. But here's what we know through King's Twitter updates:

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» Polian said Manning still could practice or play before this season is over.

» Polian said he and Manning have talked about plans for next season and beyond.

And now for a few quick thoughts on this:

» The Colts are 0-7 and going nowhere this season (Sunday's 62-7 loss to the Saints confirms that), so why would you rush Manning back from his neck injury? If it's that serious, the team can continue taking its time. Next year's preseason will do just fine for Manning's return.

» We had no idea Manning was incapable of jogging. News to us, so good for him. At least there's some progress.

» We wonder if the plans that Polian and Manning have discussed include grooming Andrew Luck for a few years before passing the torch. Colts fans, don't act like you're not already dreaming about the possibility.

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