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Polian believes Moss has 'reached the end'

If Bill Polian still was running an NFL franchise, he wouldn't waste any time courting Randy Moss.

The former Colts president saw raised red flags during the wideout's scattered 2010 season and believes the 35-year-old Moss is operating on fumes.

"It was pretty clear he had lost a fair amount of speed and flexibility," Polian said on his Sirius XM NFL Radio show, via "He was not the same player he was three or four years earlier during his heyday in New England. Since his repertoire of routes was always limited -- he was essentially a deep receiver his entire career -- losing a step can really hurt your effectiveness."

Polian continued: "I just view it as a guy who was a great player, who obviously had some baggage throughout his career but had a nice run at New England, who sort of reached the end as every player does. Nobody, no matter how great they are, defeats Father Time. I just felt like Randy was in that category. For his sake, I hope he makes it back. But to me, he didn't look like a top-echelon player in Tennessee."

For those questioning his speed, Moss addressed that topic during a wide-ranging, peaks-and-valleys Ustream webcast on Wednesday night.

"I think I did run a 4.3 (40) today," Moss said, days after ending his retirement, adding that "my boy" (this young dude?) held the stopwatch.

In the background, Randy's fish Gargamel floated about, oblivious to NFL comebacks, the Polian family, and the world in general.

Stay tuned.

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