Playing without a helmet: Do not try this at home

Week 2 of the NFL preseason is in the books, and no doubt the biggest story of the weekend was Phillip Tanner's helmetless run. And, what is not to like? The run was awesome.

The play also drew instant comparisons to Jason Witten's helmetless 53-yard catch and run from the 2007 season. But which one was better? We are about to find out.

But first, a little bit of housekeeping. Half of the comments will be "I hate Rank," and the other half will be "Where is the Steve Young run?" Hmm, make that about 85 percent "I hate Rank" and 15 percent, "Where is the Steve Young run?"

Here is a dirty little secret nobody likes to talk about. That Steve Young run? Not that great.

And without further ado ...

6. A real 49er

For all of you clamoring for the Young run, take a look at my man Shaun Hill here. Not only is this play more impressive, it gets bonus points for taking place during the regular season.

5. Do not try this at home

More infamous than great. Obviously, we do not want to glorify what Albert Haynesworth did to Andre Gurode, but this should have been the first clue that you probably do not want Haynesworth on your team. I mean, watching this play makes what happened in Washington make a lot of sense.

4. Tanner to the end zone

Tanner makes a great play here, and does not let the fact that he does not have a helmet keep him down. This play would be regarded as one of the best ever, had it -- you know -- came in a real game or was not nullified by a penalty. But you cannot take away this video.

3. Making the play

Mike Tolbert bulldozed his way into the Chargers' running back rotation last year, and he still brought that same tenacity to special teams -- even if he was without his helmet. Love that he never gives up on the play here.

2. The Cowboy original

Here is the play that Tanner will forever be compared to. Look at the shot that Witten takes here. To still be standing after that and continuing up the field is impressive if he has a helmet on or not.

1. Bloody good show

We debate whether Eli Manning is an elite quarterback or not, but the dude takes a solid hit to the head here and dons the crimson mask the hard way. The most surprising thing is not Eli's toughness, rather that Archie Manning did not try to have Calvin Pace thrown out of the league.

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