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Pittsburgh Steelers react to 'bumblebee' uniforms

The Pittsburgh Steelers' throwback jerseys are so, um, gaudy that Ike Taylor had to make up a word to describe them.

"I like them. I like the throwback, man. That bumblebee, jailhouse look from back in the day," Taylor told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I'll try to put 'swag' and 'swurve' in the same word. How about 'swavvin'? You got to have that Looney Toons accent like Porky the Pig when you say it, too.


Pretty sure "bumblebee, jailhouse" wasn't what designers were going for ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Washington Redskins. Probably not a good idea to have the team resemble a 1930s chain gang. The big guys especially.

"I don't like to call them fat, but on the big, healthy guys, it's not going to look too good," Taylor said.

"Sideways stripes don't do me no good," nose tackle Casey Hampton said. "Honestly, any uniform does me bad, so it can't really get any worse than it already is."

The Steelers throwbacks have not been met with much fanfare. Only 14 percent of voters on a Post-Gazette online poll liked the uniforms. They're even worse than the Packers' recent throwbacks with the blue jersey, yellow dot in the middle and doo-doo brown helmets. That's quite the accomplishment.

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