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Picky Ricky: Williams stands behind choice to sign with Ravens

If you're a Ricky Williams fan, you're playing with house money at this point.

A few years ago, Williams' NFL career appeared to be up in smoke. Williams seemed content to live out his life needing only the help of an acoustic guitar, rolling papers, and a comfortable couch. Fortunately, Williams rediscovered his passion for football, and has become a popular and productive player in a limited role with the Baltimore Ravens this season.

After his rocky nine-season run with the Miami Dolphins came to an amicable conclusion last year, Williams was pursued by several teams. He ultimately chose the Ravens over the Detroit Lions.

The decision has turned into a great "What if?" scenario. The Lions have been plagued by injures at the running back position, meaning Williams may very well have been in line for one last run as a featured back.

"If I'd have gone to the Lions, I'd probably have a chance to touch the ball a little bit more," Williams said, according to The Associated Press. "But I liked the veteran leadership here and the opportunity this team had to go deep in the playoffs. Since I'm coming to the end of my career, I thought it would be nice to end it on a good team."

The Lions turned out to be a good team, too. Williams admits he's pondered the lost opportunity.

"That thought has crossed my mind, but I like it here and I'm glad I chose to come here," he said.

Williams, playing behind Ray Rice, has carried the ball 54 times for 230 yards and a touchdown. It might seem like a light workload for a former rushing champ, but Williams is content.

"At this point, my focus is just to finish my career strong," he said. "I'm not even thinking two or three years down the line. But one positive about not carrying the ball is my body does feel good."

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