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Picking winners for Week 3 games

When I stiff-armed my way into an opportunity to test my pigskin prognostication mettle with the elite -- the fearsome foursome of Around the League -- the intention wasn't to also be the guest host of the introductory words leading into a week's picks so soon.

Well, here we are, with one last-place finish in two weeks. Not a good average. Just one look at the the experts' picks page in NFL Weekly Pick 'Em tells my sorry story of ineptitude. Rather than wallow in shame, I'm just going to have to chalk that one up to "everybody has a bad week now and then."

We're swiftly moving on to Week 3. It doesn't get any easier to pick winners with the record-setting parity party going on in the NFL. Personally, I'm picking both Super Bowl XLVI participants to fall to 1-2, as well as Arizona to continue its amazing start in a showdown of 2-0 teams. Should be loads of fun. What say you, football fans of America?

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