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Picking winners for Week 15's NFL games

Dear Santa,

My name is Jimmy, and I have been very good this year. Well, except for that time when I couldn't pick the winners of football games as well as my friends. This Christmas season, I would please like for you to bring me some things. Here is a short list:

» A game between the NFL's two oldest rivals that means something special late in the season.

» A game between two really good teams with a combined 11 Super Bowl wins.

» A game between the team with the NFC's very-best record against the defending Super Bowl champions.

» A game in which Peyton Manning tries to help his new team get its first win in Baltimore against the Ravens.

» A game featuring a team that won just two games last year but can make the playoffs this year against a team many picked to go to its first Super Bowl.

» A game between Tom Brady and the team he rooted for as a kid also that could be a preview for this season's Super Bowl.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. You are the best ever. I will leave some cookies for you on Christmas Eve.

Your friend,

-- Jim "Rhino" Reineking

* Based on nobility.
** Only person to pick a game right.

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