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Picking winners for Week 13's games

Forget Matt Schaub. It is I, The Champion Of The Underdog®, who took the proverbial groin shot this week.

Among the five Around The League prognosticators in Week 12, only one had the guts to take the Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers to win their respective matchups. Yes, I knew full well their opponents had a combined record of 17-3 entering action. They weren't safe choices ... but we don't call it a "hero pick" because it's made by a coward.

So how was I rewarded? Clearly dazed by Kid Rock pretending to be a 1960s soul singer at halftime, refs blew an obvious down-by-contact call on Justin Forsett. Then things really got stupid. THANKS JIM SCHWARTZ. Jason Hanson later missed a 47-yard field goal in overtime, just for fun. Meanwhile, Norv Turner's Merry Gang Of Misfits needed only a stop on fourth-and-29 to upset the overrated Baltimore Ravens. Yeahhhhhh ...

The world has no redeemable qualities.

-- Dan Hanzus

* Based on nobility.
** Only person to pick a game right.

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