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Picking winners for Week 12's NFL games

It was another tough week for The Champion Of The Underdog®, who wasn't rewarded for his faith in either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. (Thanks, guys. I hope your turkey is dry and disfigured.)

Faith remains, however, largely because the Week 12 schedule is -- by far -- the most difficult collection of games we've had to pick all season. I'm going to predict, nay, guarantee at least one ATL prognosticator finishes below .500 by the end of Monday night.

If you believe in things like "the standings" and "unimpeachable trends," that sub-.500 guy probably will be me. I can only hope it's Rosenthal. Happy Thanksgiving.

-- Dan Hanzus

* Based on nobility.
** Only person to pick a game right.

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