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Picking winners for NFL's Week 4 games

Some backstory ... I, Rhino, am a fan of the Green Bay Packers (formerly known as the Acme Packers). I grew up in Wisconsin. I am a proud NFL owner.

Cut to this week ... The Packers were victims of a serious wrong on Monday night.

We are attempting -- in our own small way -- to rectify that serious wrong right here in the Around the League section of My colleague Marc Sessler and I each picked the Seahawks to defeat the Packers in Week 3. Sessler's pick was probably more for pure football reasons than I (re: reverse jinx). Still, we can't in good conscience claim a win we didn't properly earn after that replacement referee apocalypse. It just doesn't make sense to live in a world in which interceptions become touchdowns, bacon is nowhere to be found and reason is lost in the wilderness.

Instead, we are recognizing the Packers as the true victors of that game Monday night in Seattle based on nobility.

That being said, here are our Week 4 picks.

-- Rhino

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