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Picking winners for Championship Sunday

A week after Chris Wesseling went 4-for-4 on his Wild Card Weekend picks, Dan Hanzus pulled off the same feat in the divisional round.

What does this mean? Biff's Sports Almanac obviously changed hands at some point -- likely by force.

Onto Championship Sunday.



Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler


Dan Hanzus, Chris Wesseling, Kevin Patra

49ERS AT SEAHAWKS (Sun., 6:30 p.m. ET, FOX)


Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler, Kevin Patra


Dan Hanzus, Chris Wesseling

Divisional Weekend record

Dan Hanzus: 4-0
Kevin Patra: 3-1
Marc Sessler: 3-1
Gregg Rosenthal: 2-2
Chris Wesseling: 2-2

Postseason record

Chris Wesseling: 6-2
Dan Hanzus: 5-3
Marc Sessler: 5-3
Kevin Patra: 5-3
Gregg Rosenthal: 4-4

Final regular-season record

Gregg Rosenthal: 176-79
Chris Wesseling: 171-84
Kevin Patra: 165-90
Dan Hanzus: 159-96
Marc Sessler: 154-101

First-place finishes

Chris Wesseling: 8
Gregg Rosenthal: 6
Kevin Patra: 5
Marc Sessler: 3
Dan Hanzus: 3

Last-place finishes

Marc Sessler: 6
Dan Hanzus: 5
Kevin Patra: 5
Gregg Rosenthal: 3
Chris Wesseling: 3

Hero picks*

Gregg Rosenthal: 11
Marc Sessler: 6
Dan Hanzus: 5
Chris Wesseling: 5
Kevin Patra: 3

* Only person to pick a game right.

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