Pick Six: NFL endorsements we'd like to see

Dhani Jones wants to be the voice of the Aflac duck. Get in line pal. You and Weird Al Yankovic will have to fight that one out. But NFL players have had a long history of endorsing products from Joe Namath hocking pantyhose and Peyton Manning pushing, well, just about everything.

With that in mind, we came up with the top six NFL endorsements we would like to see.

Also considered: Brett Keisel for Norelco, Julius Peppers for Chili's and Ndamukong Suh for Jacoby & Meyers (yep, that's a bad pun).

And without further ado ...

6. Andre Johnson for Allstate insurance
For years, Allstate has told drivers that you are in good hands. Well, who has better hands than Johnson? And if this doesn't work, he can team up with Calvin Johnson for Johnson & Johnson.

5. Darrelle Revis as the Maytag repairman
For years the Maytag repairman sat in lonely isolation because the products never broke down (not to mention an unfortunate cameo appearance on "Diff'rent Strokes"). Well who in the NFL is more lonely than Revis who sits sequestered on Revis Island?

4. Carson Palmer for Charles Schwab
If you are creeped out by these half animated/half human cartoons by the retirement service, you are not alone. And you can totally picture Palmer as a creepy cartoon saying, "I was talking to my broker last year and I never thought about retirement … until we signed Terrell Owens. Then I said, we need to make a retirement plan now."

3. Rex Ryan for Foot Locker
This would be perfect because Ryan is trying to lose weight, so he is taking up jogging. Why, what were you thinking?

2. Jared Allen for Napa Auto Parts
If there was ever a person born to sing the Napa "Know How" song, it was Allen. Sing it with me.

A Brett Favre pick, I can't help ya
AD fumble, I don't know what to tell ya
I may not have played in a Super Bowl game, but when it comes to auto parts, there's only one name

Napa know-how
Napa know how
Na-na-na-Napa know how!

Catchy, right?

1. Dez Bryant for Jared
Seriously, he should have gone to Jared.

As always, don't let me have all of the fun, what would you like to see?

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