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Pick Six: Best Super Bowl commercials

Century 21 is getting back into the advertising game. Just a few years removed from pulling all national TV advertising, the company will have a 2012 Super Bowl ad and will sponsor the pregame show on NBC, according to Ad Age.

Hey, nobody tell them about this whole labor deal.

But as Century 21 jumps back into the game, this seems like a perfect time to check out the best Super Bowl ads from last time, and use this as a guide for Century 21 to figure out what works.

6. Back to life

Concept: A housesitter experiences the regenerative powers of Doritos.

Why it works: Don't ask me how I know, but Doritos are able to help you recover from hangovers, so anything is possible.

5. Speak your heart

Concept: A young man, ordering flowers for his gal, takes the advice of Faith Hill, who tells him to speak from his heart.

Why it works: Uh, Faith Hill! And because I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old.

4. First date

Concept: Pepsi Max scored big on a number of ads on Super Bowl Sunday, but this one reads a man and woman's mind during a first date.

Why it works: It's funny, because it's true.

3. Darth Vader

Concept: A young Darth Vader learns the power of the force.

Why it works: Forgive me for this, but even as a lazy Californian, the whole remote start thing seemed rather pointless to me. But when you use the force for evil and tricking your kids, well, no explanation needed.

2. Parking lot blues

Concept: Nothing says it's time for a career change like trouble that starts in the parking lot.

Why this works: This video takes an extra layer of hilarity if you ever had to park in the staff parking lot at the NFL Network studios in Culver City, Calif. Nearly spot on with what we go through here on a daily basis.

1. Tiny Dancer

Concept: A catastrophe is averted when the Budweiser deliveryman gets there just in the nick of time.

Why it works: The key ingredient to most successful ads are kids, animals or kids playing "Star Wars" villains. And maybe it's the nostalgia for Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous," but any use of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" will make for a great commercial.

Don't be afraid to relive all of your favorites from the Super Bowl, right here.

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