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Philip Rivers: No one gave the Chargers a chance

Many times postgame interviews can become a practice in dry public relations.

Philip Rivers' interview on the NFL Network set following the San Diego Chargers27-20 win over the Denver Broncos was the exact opposite.

San Diego's quarterback started the entertaining interview by being honest about the narrative entering Thursday's tussle.

"We knew nobody gave us a chance, and nobody should have given us a chance either if you were outside of our locker room," Rivers told Rich Eisen and the gang.

Rivers said the Chargers knew they were fighting for their playoff lives in Denver.

"But we came in with a lot of confidence," the 32-year-old said. "We had won five of the last seven here. We said let's go play our best game and get another one and stay alive. Let's stay alive and see what happens."

(You need to watch the above video to truly appreciate Rivers' "Stay alive!" comment.)

Other quick points from Rivers on Thursday's game and the Chargers' season:

» On milking the clock and keeping Peyton Manning on the sideline: "I think time of possession is overrated, unless you are scoring. You got to score at the end of those drives ... tonight we finished those drives."

» On rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen: "There was no way he wasn't getting in the end zone on that one," Rivers said about Allen's hurdling touchdown.

» Rivers breaks down running backs' feet. Repeat: Philip Rivers breaks down running backs' feet.

» He discusses beating the Manning brothers in back-to-backweeks.

» And, of course, he shows off his rattlesnake cowboy boots.

Watch the entire 11-minute clip. It will be the best thing you do all day. 

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