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Philadelphia reporter has long road ahead after Eagles prediction

A Philadelphia reporter has a serious challenge ahead of him after mistakenly putting his faith in a struggling Eagles team.

NBC Philadelphia's Howard Eskin said during a radio interview last week that he would "take a bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco" if the Eagles were beaten at home by the 49ers on Sunday.

Eskin went as far to call the Eagles a "stone-cold mortal lock".

"There's no way the Eagles go 1-3," Eskin told KNBR 680-FM on Friday. "None. Absolutely none."

As Eskin learned, there was a way for the Eagles to lose to the 49ers, and it included missed field goals, turnovers and a 20-point blown lead.

Eskin was a guest on NFL Network on Monday, where he discussed his doomed prediction and the (literal) long road ahead.

"It's gone viral, this is ridiculous now," a game Eskin said. "I guess I've got to do it."

Anything that feeds into the Eagles' "Dream Team" backlash is being happily digested these days, so Eskin shouldn't be shocked that his comments blew up. As for his trip, we've done him the favor of providing the best route to Candlestick Park. Safe travels, Howard, and wear your helmet!

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