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Philadelphia pick Vinny Curry is a really big Eagles fan

A television network wanted to send cameras to Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry's house for the NFL draft. He didn't let them in because he didn't want to take down all his Philadelphia Eagles gear.

"It would have been my last day as an Eagle fan if I would've gone to a different team, but I wouldn't have taken it down," Curry said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

We often hear that a player grew up as a fan of a team he plays for, but he's not usually a fan. Players usually don't have a Brian Westbrook jersey, Eagles gloves and Eagles hats. Curry, who grew up in a New York Giants-heavy part of New Jersey, has all that.

"Most people, the draft is the best day of their life, but growing up an Eagle fan, being blessed with the opportunity of seeing Brian Dawkins retire and give a speech here, this has got to be the best day of my life here," Curry said with emotion Saturday. "To see his teammates come back, the way they embraced him, and the way they embraced me was really something special. It's a moment I'll never forget in my life."

Something tells us that Eagles fans have a new fan favorite.

"The Eagle defense at one point in time was sickening, you know, with Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor, Brian Dawkins, right there, Trot (Jeremiah Trotter), D-line had Big Hugh (Douglas), it was crazy, and I just used to picture myself on Sundays -- that's going to be me one day," Curry said. "To see everything come through and fall through like this is, it's so mind blowing."

Every Vinny Curry loves-the-Eagles quote is better than the last. OK, one more.

"I was upset that I slid, but like I said, I slid into the greatest situation ever," Curry said. "It's like it's 100 degrees outside and I slid into the pool."

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