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Phil Simms: Joe Flacco awesome on Ravens, not good

Count former NFL quarterback and current CBS analyst Phil Simms among those who considers Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flaccoto be a franchise quarterback.

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"Joe Flacco has had a lot of success, not some," Simms said in a Saturday story by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. "I never look at Joe's completion percentage and say he's inaccurate. I look at him as a guy who makes great throws, not good ones, every single game. If someone gets open, he hits them. He moves around well. He's a giant of a man and can throw the football with basically anybody in the NFL. If that's not a franchise quarterback, I don't know what one is. All the experts and the networks can continue to debate Joe because he hasn't won the big one and of course that completion percentage."

Flacco's career completion percentage is actually a respectable 60.8 percent during the regular season. It's the 54.3 percent figure in nine playoff games and his penchant for holding onto the ball for too long in the pocket that keep Flacco from ascending to the next level of NFL quarterbacks.

"It's really amazing," Simms continued. "Put Joe Flacco on a football team where it's all about the quarterback and the offense and he will put up staggering numbers. He plays for a coach that's not worried about the glorification of his quarterback. Joe Flacco is a big part of them winning, but personal success and glory might elude him. He may only get it through victories.

"Even then, he might not get the credit that he deserves. I don't think he's good, I think he's awesome. I know I'm right. I don't need your stamp of approval."

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