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Peyton Manning, Tom Brady playing buddy-buddy?

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are bosom buddies, apparently. New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts fans, meanwhile, just threw up.

Manning told reporters Wednesday that his one-time nemesis gave him regular support during his recovery from neck surgeries last season.

"He plays for another team, and he reached out to me and said, 'Hey, anything I can do to help the rehab, miss seeing you out there,' " Manning said, according to The Denver Post. "When you're injured, and you're not out there playing, you kind of find out who's with you and who's not. Tom consistently throughout the season would check in with me.

"I appreciate that. It says a lot."

Brady said Manning did the same for him after he suffered a season-ending knee surgery in 2008. What's next, shopping for Uggs, skipping rocks and singing Harry Nilsson songs?

Maybe it's easier to acknowledge these things now that Manning is with the Denver Broncos, not the Indianapolis Colts.

Still, isn't life more fun when Roddy White is insulting Victor Cruz and Jim Schwartz is shaking hands with Jim Harbaugh?


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