Peyton Manning texts congratulations to new Colt Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck is taking over Peyton Manning's former role as the Indianapolis Colts' franchise quarterback, but there don't appear to be any hard feelings between the No. 1 draft pick and the four-time NFL MVP.

In fact, Manning, who's now a Denver Bronco, welcomed the rookie to the NFL via text message.

"Peyton did give me a text, a congratulatory text," Luck told NFL Network on Friday. "It was nice of him to do so."

Luck, who has started preliminary discussions with the Colts about a contract, said his predecessor provided a model example of how to be a franchise quarterback.

"He (Manning) was the epitome of class and winning, and everything he did was so gracious," Luck told The Associated Press. "In college, you're watching film of Peyton and (Green Bay Packers quarterback) Aaron Rodgers and (New England Patriots quarterback) Tom Brady to see why they're so successful. He's such a great example for high school kids, middle-school kids. I was one of those kids who looked up to him."

Luck joins a Colts organization that's desperately looking for someone to fill the vacancy created by Manning's departure.

" 'Big shoes' might be an understatement," Luck said at a news conference. "What he did is obviously legendary for this city, for this state, really. I know that if I woke up every morning trying to compare myself to Peyton, I think I'd go crazy."

Luck added: "If one day I can be mentioned alongside Peyton in football lore, that'd be a football dream come true."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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