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Peyton Manning stars in DirecTV outtake reel

As you watch this great collection of outtakes from DirecTV's new "NFL Sunday Ticket" campaign, keep in mind that you're witnessing legitimate comedic chops from Peyton Manning.

Everybody is doing good work here -- Eli Manning, Deion Sanders, The Flatulent Guy -- but Manning's dry, understated delivery once again reminds us that the Denver Broncos quarterback is the National Football League's finest thespian.

Our favorite moments come as Manning -- who, like his brother and Deion, plays the role of a tiny football fairy of some kind -- tries to make sense of Sanders' fashion choices from the cover of his woebegone rap album, "Prime Time."

Choice quotes:

» "I get the plaid, 1994, I'm OK with that. But no sleeves? Weren't you cold? Help me understand this, please Prime."

» "Prime, I love the crew vest, nothing underneath it. It's genius, it's brilliant. It's aggressive ... but it's genius."

Genius, indeed.

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