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Peyton Manning runs 'clinic' at Broncos training camp

Derek Wolfe wasn't the reason that thousands of people flocked to Denver Broncos training camp Thursday, but the second-round draft pick felt that way for a moment.

"I'm going to tell you guys a funny story," the defensive tackle said, via The Associated Press. "When we came out here today, I was right in front of (Peyton) Manning and I didn't know it. They made a pretty big fuss, and I was like, `Why are they yelling so crazy for me?' Then I looked behind me and it was Manning standing there."

Yes, Manningmania has taken hold in Colorado, a new era for a Broncos franchise that has sudden Super Bowl aspirations. We heard glowing reports all day about how Manning looked, making all those foreboding offseason reports about his health seem ridiculous.

AP reporter Arnie Stapleton wrote that Manning "put on an absolute clinic during a crisp 2½-hour practice." This doesn't sound like a guy at "85 percent."

"I thought it was a good first day," Manning said. "You can tell guys have been working. It's hot out here. We had a real good tempo."

Broncos coach John Fox -- who must have deep bruises from pinching himself after a season of Tim Tebow wobblers into the dirt -- said Manning won't have any throwing restrictions. It's another sign the Broncos are fully confident they will get a close facsimile to the last Manning we saw on an NFL field in 2010.

"He didn't take the last five weeks off by any stretch," Fox said. "We're happy with where he is."

Broncos fans clearly agree.

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