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Peyton Manning practices outdoors for Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos moved their Thursday practice inside, but that didn't stop Peyton Manning from getting some work done in the bitter cold.

USA Today's Jarrett Bell, the pool reporter covering the Broncos, reported that Manning took backup quarterbacks Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert outside to get a few drills in during the individual portion of practice.

The Broncos moved their practice indoors at the New York Jets' facility at Florham Park on Thursday after spending Wednesday's practice in the elements. The team had the doors open to get a blast of cold air into the building.

John Fox said the reason for the move indoors was to keep the players fresh.

"We just came indoors because it was softer," Fox told Bell after the one-hour, 45-minute practice, which followed a 30-minute walkthrough. "So, really, it was more for the players' legs more than anything. The field got a little hard yesterday."

The Broncos hope to move back outside for Friday's practice.

Fox also told Bell that the Broncos are taking full advantage of its 30 to 40 minute communes from the Jets' headquarters to the team hotel, analyzing practice footage en route.

"With the technology today, they're able to download the practices immediately," Fox said. "The players and coaches will view the practice on the way to the hotel."

When asked if that meant it was a quiet bus ride, Fox quipped, "Yeah, it is, other than someone saying, 'What the heck were we doing on this play?'"

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