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Peyton Manning mum on Denver Broncos' playoff loss

With the NFL's 2013 season approaching, Petyon Manning has shelved the rapping, pizza-hustling persona.

In a conference call with out-of-town media Sunday, the Denver Broncos quarterback, by all accounts, got a bit testy when prodded about how last season's playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens unfolded.

"I covered that just about all offseason," Manning said, per USA Today. "I know I'm talking to you guys for the first time, but I guess you just have to probably check some old clips for quotes."

It's not surprising Manning doesn't want to relive watching Broncos safety Rahim Moore being burned by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. On the next possession, Broncos coach John Fox took the ball out of Manning's hands at the end of regulation, and the quarterback threw an interception in overtime, leading to the Ravens' game-winning score.

Manning did discuss Thursday night's season-opening rematch with the Ravens, but he was mum on the topic of former teammate Elvis Dumervil, whose infamous departure from Denver led to him signing in Baltimore.

"We certainly know what a great athlete Elvis is and what a playmaker he is," Manning said. "So he's certainly a factor we have to deal with."

It's a factor that Manning hopes doesn't come back to literally crush him.

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