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Peyton Manning asks Denver Broncos fans for quiet

After 14 seasons in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning had Colts fans trained like prize show dogs. They only cheered when they were supposed to. Denver Broncos fans have a long way to go.

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"When we're on the field on offense -- I love our fans' excitement -- but if we can just find that controlled noise level," the Broncos quarterback said with a laugh on KOA-AM, via the team's official website. "I believe we are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year and maybe not cheering when we're going for it on fourth down -- wait and see and if we get it, cheer then.

"To me, it's a hard thing. These fans have so much enthusiasm, but for a receiver's standpoint, you'd love to have that home-field advantage where you wouldn't have to signal at home."

Translation: We love our fans, but shut up when we're trying to work. Please.

Manning, ever the leader, even has come up with specific ideas for the fans to follow:

"I don't know, maybe there's a leader in each section in the stands, we'll take some voting polls, have a campaign," Manning said. "But that's what you want, a guy to say, fourth-and-1, they're going for it -- I don't know if that's possible, I don't know how to get that message relayed, but any help we can get out there from Broncos fans, we'll take."

We have no doubt that Manning will find a way to fix this problem. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis is like a library when Andrew Luck has the ball. Colts fans remember Manning's lessons well.

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