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Peyton Manning appreciates Denver Broncos' O-line

Peyton Manning knows how good he's got it. Anyone who's watched the offensive lines of the Arizona Cardinals or Philadelphia Eagles know this too.

The Denver Broncos haven't allowed Manning to be sacked in the last three games. By comparison, Michael Vick was sacked seven times on "Monday Night Football."

"I appreciate the effort," Manning told The Denver Post. "Certainly every quarterback appreciates when you don't get sacked. And I really didn't get hit a whole lot against Cincinnati.

"I appreciate the effort those guys have made week after week. They've used some different guys (because of injury). And whoever is in there has stepped up to the plate."

The Broncos have given up 10 sacks in 2012 -- the second-lowest mark in the NFL. The Cardinals are chasing down the NFL record with 41, and have had two quarterbacks knocked out of games.

"We spend a lot of time together in practice and in watching film together," Manning said. "The important thing between a quarterback and the offensive line is constant communication.

"So we treat practice like a game, meetings like a game. We talk and try to be on the same page, especially when you're going to play on the road."

Manning couldn't have landed in a much better situation. The one thing he didn't need after those neck surgeries is a shaky offensive line that gives up big hits on a weekly basis. The protection has allowed him to return to an MVP-type level of play.

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