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Peyton Hillis: Joe Thomas like a 'crazy ex-girlfriend'

Peyton Hillis did not take Joe Thomas' recent criticism lightly.

The Kansas City Chiefs running back responded to his former teammate Thursday and started by comparing the Cleveland Browns left tackle to a "crazy ex-girlfriend."


"It's been over a year. Get over it," Hillis told Kansas City Star reporter Adam Teicher. "I guess when you get paid over 100 million dollars by one team, it's kind of easy to point the finger at other guys and try to hate on them for trying to get another contract."

Until Thomas keys Hillis' car in a jealous rage, we're just going to chuckle at the ex-girlfriend bit and look at the facts. Thomas, who signed an eight-year, $92 million contract last year, doesn't exactly have a reputation for shooting off at the mouth. He's a five-time Pro Bowl pick and a three-time All-Pro who is well-respected around the NFL.

Hillis had one productive season in Cleveland, and the fans don't seem to miss him. He rushed for 587 yards in 10 games in 2011 after his breakout 2010 in which he posted 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns.


Thomas actually was fairly respectful with his criticism of Hillis. Thomas called the situation toxic and said Hillis was more concerned with his contract than helping the Browns win. Hillis started the name-calling.

Either way, the Browns received a major upgrade from Hillis to rookie Trent Richardson. Hillis still is trying to return to his 2010 form. The two will face off Sunday in Cleveland.

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