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Peterson to Peterson: Welcome to the NFL, rookie

Every rookie, at some point, experiences that "Welcome to the NFL" moment. For Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, it might have happened early in Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings in a special case of Peterson-on-Peterson crime.

You see, all that stood between Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and his third touchdown of the first quarter was Patrick Peterson, the Cardinals' prized first-round draft pick. What happened next was predictable. Adrian Peterson lowered his shoulders and dragged Patrick Peterson for 7 yards until the two of them reached the end zone.

It's something the younger Peterson is sure to remember.

"I knew he's a very, very powerful runner," Patrick Peterson said. "I just wanted to hold him up enough so the guys could get to him and help me out a little bit."

That never happened, though. Instead, he was on his own, and Adrian Peterson had his way with the rookie.

"I taught him a couple lessons," said Adrian Peterson, who rushed for 122 yards and the three TDs.

Give credit to Patrick Peterson for not backing down. He did all he could, which simply was to hold on for dear life while one of the NFL's most popular and powerful running backs steam-rolled him.

If anything, Patrick Peterson should be honored. He has quite a "Welcome to the NFL" moment to share with his kids someday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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