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Peterson outraged over price of number switch

A million bucks just to change a jersey number? Adrian Peterson says Reebok must be out of its mind.

For those of you who don't follow the Vikings' star running back on Twitter, that about covers his message upon finding out that he would have to fork out a mill if he switched from No. 28 to 23, as he desired.

You see, the thought -- or hope, at least -- among players was that they wouldn't have to purchase the existing inventory of jerseys with the number they want to abandon since Nike is taking over the NFL's license from Reebok in April. Peterson was informed Wednesday this policy is still in place, and he posted a detailed 14-post Twitter tirade venting his frustration.

We've cobbled the posts into one giant rant for you. Try to keep up.

"So here is the deal with the number change!," Peterson tweeted. "So I received a call and I was informed that I would've to buy all jerseys that's been produced Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!! Why? Ok so I see maybe ten thousand dollars of my total jersey sales! That's it!!! In I know I've mostly likely been in the top ten When it comes to top sales ! Why in the hell do I have to pay a Million dollars to change my number! I don't even get paid a million Dollars by my sponsors a year! Wow!!! N I'm talking about my nike deal!"

He continues ...

"So people may not understand some of the things I say from MY POINT OF VEIW! But this situation says a lot! #1 I'm in the top jersey sales! # 2 I see maybe 10,000 from those sales#3 I get paid under 1million a year#4 but I oder to change MY number I have to pay a Million Bucks! Somebody's winning in that situation & ITs not me! So clearly with that said I won't be changing my number This years! Pay a mill to change number or keep the mill n continue to wear 28?! That's a easy one... Hell 28 it is!!! Lol Someone just hit me saying stop crying! Lol I'm sharing my thoughts! I thought that's what twitter was all about. Anyway I won't be changing My number for the reason you have in front of you! So someone said! You got it just pay it! You must be smoking something to thing I'll Waste that type of money just to change a number on my work uniform!"

In case you didn't get all that, Peterson is still going to wear No. 28 next season, although NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Associated Press that the number-switch policy hasn't yet been finalized for 2012.

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